Prenatal Yoga

Dynamic Ashtanga based prenatal yoga classes.  Enjoy an active yoga practice while preparing for the birth of your baby.

Mom & Baby Yoga

A time for moms to focus on opening sore shoulders and loosening tight backs, while bonding with babies.  All yoga sequences incorporate baby.  There is also flexibility within the class to feed or change baby, as needed.

Private Yoga Sessions

Give yourself the gift of self-care with private yoga sessions.

Carrie R Yoga

I have always been told that I would benefit from yoga. Carrie gave me the opportunity to practice without judgment. I am still working on being able to touch my toes and Carrie always gives options, acknowledging quietly each person’s different flexibility. This has helped me stick with it and my toes are starting to become that little bit closer.

Leena Whitaker

Brussels, Belgium, Advance Parent & Baby Yoga

Carrie’s yoga class is what you need if you are looking to energise your tired pregnant body, pace your racing mind, and generally relax. I love it because it allows me to take some precious private time for myself and connect with the growing life inside of me, not always feasible when working full time and already taking care of a small child. Every class is different but Carrie will always show you those positions that make you feel so comfortable…even close to delivery.  And the biggest reward is that you’ll always feel great coming out!

Edith Horak

Brussels, Belgium, Prenatal Yoga

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