Going to a yoga class isn’t just about physical exercise.

It’s also about connecting with like-minded people and connecting to a community.

In my prenatal and postnatal yoga classes we don’t just practice yoga, we also take time to talk about how life is going.  Students can share how their pregnancy is progressing, any concerns they have, and anything they are struggling with as a new mom.

We also spend a lot of time celebrating all of the amazing things that happen during pregnancy and while raising a baby.

One topic we talk about a lot, is life as an expat in Brussels.

A lot of stress and anxiety is created from not understanding the system here in Belgium.  Not just the medical system, but the system in general.

I deeply understand this feeling because I am an expat here in Brussels and also working to figure out the system.

It does feel like everything would be easier if I was living back home where I understood the how things worked.

So, I am going to start sharing the information on this blog that I do in my yoga classes.  The little tips and tricks that I have learned over seven years as an expat here in Brussels.

I must add, an expat that has ZERO language ability.  (I always think some ability to speak a local language would make everything easier.)

Here are some topics that I will be writing about over the coming month:

  • How to cook Thanksgiving dinner without spending a fortune


  • Maternity, Newborn, and Family photographers


  • How to get your newborn baby’s passport photos


  • What to do with all the clutter you clean out. (where to donate, recycle, throw out the stuff)


If there are any questions you have, leave me a comment or send me an email! 

I want to be writing about topics that are helpful for you.

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