I am no longer offering mom & baby yoga classes, at this time.

Postnatal (Mom & Baby) Yoga
A mom focused yoga class with babies in the room.  The class combines Ashtanga yoga with kine exercises to rebuild the internal framework of mom’s body.  Each class will also include 5-10 minutes of baby yoga positions.
There is flexibility within the class to feed or comfort your baby while also experiencing the benefits of yoga.  This is a time for parent’s to restore themselves, while also bonding with their babies.
Some benefits of postnatal (mom & baby) yoga may include:
– Strengthen the back, abdominal, and pelvic floor muscles
– Release tension in shoulders and neck muscles
– Improved posture
– Decreased overall stress & increased energy

I especially appreciated the postnatal class with the baby. Carrie was there to help mums to get back their pre-pregnancy shape and strength and the babies were there to watch and learn how important it is to take time and to do things for oneself. At some point my daughter became an active participant and took the Happy Child pose herself! Carrie uses nice and gentle metaphors, shares her experiences as a mum herself of a one-year old and always reminds the participants to be understanding for themselves as they are for their babies – a wisdom definitely worth practicing in a yoga class and outside!


Brussels, Belgium, Parent and Baby Yoga

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