You are a busy parent.  You spend all of your time looking after children, keeping food in the refrigerator, and generally keeping your family’s life in order.  Your mind is constantly buzzing with next next 50 items on your to do list.  When are you ever supposed to find the time to exercise, lose weight, and maybe catch up with your friends.  You are starting to feel the effects this lifestyle is having on your body.  You are exhausted and distracted, your body feels more stiff every day, and your back aches from carrying children and groceries.

You’ve heard good things about yoga, but you’re not sure where to fit it into your busy schedule.  Not to mention the hassle of finding a baby sitter, so that you can go to the class.

Take a deep breath.  Relax.  I feel your muscles tightening.

I bring yoga to your home or office, at a time that is convenient for you.

If we’re at home and the children run in, that’s okay.

If they want to do the yoga class with us, that’s good too.

I work with you to create a yoga practice that is tailored for your life.

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I started with private yoga lessons as a special treat, in order to regain strength, alleviate back pain and start feeling like myself again after the birth of my second daughter.  It helped immensely on all levels.  I moved better and slept better, I was standing more straight and had no aches in my back in no time.  Feeling better was more addictive than any work out with ambition.  So I find myself practicing yoga more and more. 

Zorana Colombo-Ivankovic

Brussels, Belgium

Does private yoga in your home or office sound like something that could help you?

Simply fill out this form and I will contact you to discuss all of the options.  Or contact me directly. / +32 479 388 811

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