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You want to buy a yoga mat but you are overwhelmed by the choice.

That’s totally understandable!  There are so many yoga mats out there.

I’m going to give you my opinion of the yoga mats that I currently own or have owned.  I’m listing these reviews in the order that I owned the mats.

This means that if you want to skip ahead to the mat that I think is the best, just scroll to the bottom.

Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat



This was my first yoga mat. It cost about $20 and was fantastic!

I had the mat for about 6 years.

At that time I didn’t have a consistent practice.  Sometimes I would practice 4 times a week, then would go months without stepping on the mat.

But this mat held up through all of it. 

It never tore, wore down in any spots, or really degraded in any way.

During the time I used this mat I mainly practiced Bikram and hot yoga, so always had a towel on top of the mat.  This could have contributed to the mat staying in such good condition for for long.

However, I still think this mat was the best value for money. 

If I could buy these mats in Europe I would probably still be using one.



I was forced to replace my beloved Gaiam mat because my cat peed on it while I was away on vacation.

And there is just no washing that smell out.

Since I was living in Belgium and couldn’t buy another Gaiam mat, I bought the cheapest mat that my yoga studio sold.

This was a YOLO mat for 20 EUR.  My previous mat had been inexpensive, so I thought that a cheap mat would be fine for me.

I was wrong.

This mat was WAAAAYYY too sticky!!

I felt like my hands and feet were glued to the mat and couldn’t move.  I would literally hear the sound of peeling tape off of something whenever I moved.

Over time the stickiness does decrease and this actually becomes a nice mat.

So, I used to recommend this mat to students at the studio who are just starting a yoga practice.

Full disclosure: I own 4 of these mats and use them for group classes at my house.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony


I got this mat at the beginning of my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.

I felt like I had finally made the time commitment to my yoga practice that justified an investment in a serious yoga mat.

I picked the Jade Harmony because it was an environmentally friendly mat.

In case you didn’t know this already, I am a totally brown rice eating, tree hugging, peace love and harmony hippy. All of this hidden under the exterior of a preppy yuppie.

Besides being amazingly environmentally friendly, this mat is awesome because it starts off very sticky and stays relatively sticky over time.

Over time, you will wear holes in this mat if you practice yoga regularly.

Many of the teacher trainees in the 200-hour training with me wore holes during our training.

I am relatively gentle on my mats, so it took me about 3 years to wear holes.

The most annoying thing about this mat is that it is hard to clean (I have been trying to get cracker crumbs off of mine for the past 2 years.)

I don’t recommend the Jade Harmony mat anymore because I think you can get better mats for your money.

It is the most expensive mat that I have ever owned, but I don’t think it is a good value.

It would be better to pay a little bit more to purchase a Manduka Pro, which has a lifetime warranty.

Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat

Manduka ProLite


This is my current mat. 

I wanted this mat for 3 years, but kept making excuses not to buy one.

Mainly that these are the rental mats at the 2 studios I work at, so I could use one whenever I wanted for free.

Also, that I already owned 5 yoga mats, so why did I need ANOTHER mat!?

Here’s what’s amazing and not so amazing about this mat.


  • Sticky and slippery at the same time
  • When I want my hands and feet to stay still (in down dog), they do
  • But when I want to slide, like floating my feet forward from down dog to forward fold, they glide
  • The mat is thick enough to provide cushion to my knees in all-fours positions
  • Super easy to clean



  • The mat is HEAVY


It’s a good thing that I have super strong mommy arms to carry this around.

Although I mostly use it to practice at home.

If the Manduka ProLite sounds like the right mat for you too, click on the picture to the right to shop the official website.

Manduka Holiday Gift Guide

Manduka eKo Travel Mat


The only thing that I like about this mat is that it is light weight and easy to travel with.

I can even fold this mat put and put it in my purse. I think this mat is a complete waste of money.

If you try and use it like a yoga towel to cover another mat, then it slides.  The mats don’t stick to each other.

If you try to use this mat on carpet, then it bunches up when you move around on it.  Like when you are practicing yoga.

Because the mat is so thin and offers zero cushion, I am not able to practice on a hard floor with it.

The only reason that I own not one, but two of these mats is because they were gifts from yoga studios that I worked at.

Tell me what you think.  What is your favourite yoga mat?  What is your dream mat?

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