Are you starting to feel REALLY pregnant?

Like, this baby cannot come soon enough?

Your body may be feeling sore and achy, but you can’t bear the thought of moving.

However, doing just a little bit of yoga can really help you feel better.  And a bit more like you have your body back.

There are a lot of great yoga poses I could recommend for you to do.  This list could easily have had 30 poses.

But who has the time or energy for all that yoga?!  

Certainly not a woman in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy.


Good news, though…

You’ll feel a much bigger benefit from doing 10 minutes of yoga a day, than 1 hour once a week.
So pick the poses that you think will be most beneficial on the day, and then spend a few minutes doing those.

Here are my favourite yoga poses for the 3rd trimester.

1) Reclined Pigeon

This pose is fantastic if you are feeling a stabbing pain in one butt cheek.  Translated into technical terms, that is sciatic nerve pain.  90% of my prenatal students experience this at least once during their pregnancy.

I have a great video on my Facebook page with a sequence for sciatic nerve pain.
Check out the page here

2) Eagle

This is good pose if you feel like your pelvis is getting too loose or you are having pain when you walk.  You can do this with twisted Eagle arms. However, normally I teach this next to a wall or chair, with one hand holding on for support.

3) Swirling Kriyas

Making shapes with your hips is excellent to prepare for birth.
Draw circles, figure 8’s, spirals, squares… in both directions.

4) Squats

Squatting is also good to maintain leg strength.

5) Cat & Cow

Always excellent for getting some tension out of the back.  Babies also feel like they are hanging out in a hammock during this pose. So, it’s super fun for them too.

6) Legs Up the Wall

This pose is so simple, but so powerful.  It helps to rebalance hormones within the body.  And drain fluid that has accumulated in the feet and lower legs during the day.

Which pose did you find most beneficial?

If none of these helped, let me know what is sore and I will post a response with a pose.

6 yoga poses you can do at home during your third trimester

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